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Works and Grants

Thanks to the Cork County Council and an ORIS Grant (Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme) Harbour View Beach started work May 28, 2020 to build our eco-trail through the sand dunes.  Harbour View is an EU Special Area of Conservation due to our exceptional sand dunes and marsh area which is a sanctuary for many birds. Harbour View is a very important ecological location even in European terms. The Cork County Council in consultation with the NPWS supported the grant with an ecological assessment and recommends the restriction of vehicles, camping, fires, digging etc. in the sand dunes to preserve this beautiful place for longer. Gates and bollards now restrict vehicular access to the dunes. New signs with information about the dunes the bird life and the flowers in the dunes were put in place April 2021.  These signs were designed and project managed by local illustrator June Fairhead, and feature Curlews.  They are particularly gorgeous and we are very proud of them.  Upgrades to the seats and picnic tables were implemented during January 2021 and are being well used every day, two sets of picnic tables were donated by a generous local donor.  Despite the impact of the pandemic we are delighted to have the works complete for the Summer of 2021.


This website with more information about Harbour View together with our Facebook Page and our Instagram page are all to share with people who enjoy the beach, feel free to submit images via Facebook Messenger. Please know that everyone is welcome to walk through the sand dunes and look out for our bird and plant life, and appreciate the beauty of the location. The beach is as a great location for families, picnics, sandcastles, walking, running, swimming and water sports and the weather is lovely some of the time😊.

Another beautiful Friday morning, hope y
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